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About 80s Rock Hits Radio

Radio 80s Rock Hits - live of popular singles of rock bands, the peak of fame of which falls on the golden eighties. The 80s were the era of the development of various trends in rock music, the influx of new bands with innovative sound: from pretentious glam metal to underground trash metal, from dominant heavy metal to lyrical ballads. Hypnotic guitar solos, complex rhymes, fiery vocals, vivid images of rockers... plunge into the time machine, remember the popular rock hits of the decade and feel like a high school student again with RadioSpinner. Show more

80s Rock Hits  is an online radio station that plays the main foreign rock hits of the eighties. These singles, which appeared almost 40 years ago, are still loved and occupy an important place in the soul of every person. On RadioSpinner you will be met by: shocking Kiss, unsurpassed AC/DC, epochal Journey, shocking Ozzy Osbourne and others. These stars gathered full halls at concerts, and their compositions sold millions of copies. The radio Plays foreign rock hits of the 80s - dedicated to everyone who loves to dance, sing, rock! Collapse

Station history

19:09 Billy Idol - Sweet Sixteen
19:05 Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting
19:01 David Lee Roth - Just Like Paradise
18:49 Survivor - Eye of the Tiger
18:45 John Mellencamp - Small Town
18:40 Skid Row - I Remember You
18:37 The Cure - Lullaby
18:33 White Lion - Wait
18:28 38 Special - Caught Up In You
18:25 Genesis - Invisible Touch
80s Rock Hits
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