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About 90s Dance Party Radio

Online Radio station 90s Dance Party – the most dance hits of the late XX century live. Let's remember the time of discos and the crazy years of youth. Here is popular music filled with electronics, elements of pop, grunge and alternative. All these dance mixes once sounded from every iron. We sang them even if we didn't know the words of the song and left all our strength on the dance floor under 2 Unlimited, Technotronic, La Bouche, Mr. President. Show more

The best dance music of the 90s has been collected live on the radio of the 90s Dance Party. Arrange your party in the style of the crazy 90s. Immerse yourself in the musical world in which your favorite tracks were copied from cassette to cassette some 25 years ago. And then we listened to them loudly on a tape recorder. So that everyone in the area knows where the really cool guys hang out. Here the stars of the disco of the 90s sound on one radio station. Turn it on and enjoy! Collapse

Station history

23:36 Guru Josh - Infinity
23:32 Solid Base - In Your Dreams (Dance Mix)
23:27 Robin S - Show Me Love
23:23 Ini Kamoze - Here Comes the Hotstepper
23:18 Whitney Houston - I m Every Woman
23:15 Sash - Encore Une Fois (Future Breeze Edit)
23:10 Magic Affair - In The Middle Of The Night (Club-remix)
23:06 Planet Perfecto - Not over yet 99 (feat. Grace)
23:00 NOMAD - I Wanna Give You Devotion (Live Club Edition)
22:54 Cappella - U Got 2 Let The Music
90s Dance Party
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