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About Acid Jazz Radio

Acid Jazz is not just an online radio, but a whole journey through the styles of music that have excited the hearts of many generations and continue to excite them now. “Acid” jazz has always been considered a unique dance music, which skillfully contained elements of timeless classics: blues, rock and roll, funk, soul, etc. Oddly enough, the modern techno processing of such notes familiar to generations has not turned acid jazz into a pun. On the contrary, it was able to bring young people closer to more experienced music lovers, dispelling the myth that broadcasting such tracks today will seem something alien and outdated. Show more

The birth of acid jazz belongs to the uninhibited 80s, when the youth of the Foggy Albion were partying in clubs under the acid house. It was then that the innovative approach of the famous DJ and founder of a popular media brand Gilles Peterson was a success. He jokingly called his new style acid jazz, as opposed to the “acid” house. And since then, not only clubs, but also radio stations began to delight listeners with lively compositions with painfully familiar accents of the favorite styles. 

“Acid Jazz” online radio will be a discovery for someone, but for others it will seem familiar from the very first minutes. The main thing is that you will want to listen to the radio 24 hours a day, because there are not only compositions of the classics of this style, but also the ideas of novice performers who have acquired new forms and new sound. Collapse

Station history

12:22 Black & Brown - Gimme Some of That Stuff
12:14 Italian Secret Service - Via Beato Angelico
12:10 Neo Soul Acid Jazz Collective - Urban Rhapsody Revisited (Original Mix)
12:06 Studio Masters - A Little Lift
12:01 Happy Orchestra - Baba
11:58 Capiozzo, Mecco/Mecco/Capiozzo - Small Club
11:55 H.1 - Pray
11:49 Soul Jazz Unit - Need Your Funk
11:43 Château Flight - Prism
11:40 Michael Pearman - Love Lost
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