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About Ambient Space Radio

Ambient Space online radio station will plunge you into the abyss of experimental electronics and cosmic sounds. Each tune in the station's rotation is a little atmospheric, a little weird, but so pleasant and constructive. The enchanting sounds of the galaxy are the perfect backdrop for mind emptying, meditation, spa or relaxation. Show more

Ambient Space electronic radio airs atmospheric music filled with a range of different sounds, from tapping to muffled humming to monotonous vibrations. Listening to Ambient Space radio means getting a session of effective music therapy from ambient tracks and electronic arpeggios. Anxiety will go away, thoughts will become lighter, and you will touch something mysterious and weightless. The spatial sounds do not create clear images, but remain the background for you to come to a sound sleep and a restful rest. Collapse

Station history

21:13 Lemongrass - Cosmic Horizons
21:07 154 - Apricot
20:59 Chronos - Star Swimmer
20:39 Thom Brennan - Strange Paradise
20:33 Hammock - South
20:24 J. Arif Verner - In The Color of Air
20:10 Tom Powell - Slowly Standing
20:04 Thought Guild - Lifepools
19:57 Hammock - East
19:54 Erik Wøllo - Nature Morte
Ambient Space
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