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About Bachata Hit Radio

Radio Bachata Hit is a live broadcast of sensual compositions about unrequited love, the difficulties that lovers experience on the way to their happiness. Sad melancholic melodies evoke nostalgia with notes of longing for lost love. Radio station Bachata Hit was created for those who like to express their feelings through dance. The bright, dynamic rhythms will take you over and you will feel your hips begin to move smoothly on their own. Show more

Bachata Hit, a radio station where it's always passionate and sunny. We play popular bachata hits with our favorite artists: Aventura, Camilo, Vinny Rivera. Anthony Santos, Zacarias Ferreira and others. Bachata music is filled with love and beauty, it will make you inspired and happier. Ether is ideal for morning runs, evening walks, salso shoes and a romantic date. Ready to party and dance bachata all night long? Feel the rhythm of Caribbean music, press play now! Collapse

Station history

02:17 Lirow - Cosas del Amor
02:14 Franyol, Ryan Miles - Tonto Enamorado
02:11 Miguel Angel Jústiz - Solo Mia
02:05 Grupo Extra Musical - La Campanita (En Vivo)
01:59 Jiory - Mamá Me Lo Contó
01:56 Maluma, Nicky Jam - No Puedo Olvidarte
01:52 Manny Rod - Todo el Mundo Va a Sufrir (Bachata Version Live)
01:48 Vicky Corbacho - Baila Bachata
01:45 Dani J - Quiero Quedarme Contigo
01:41 Esme - Bestia Salvaje
Bachata Hit
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