Birdsong and Meditation Radio

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About Birdsong and Meditation Radio

The Birdsong and Meditation Radio are the sounds of peace and tranquility. It is suitable for listening alone, when you want to forget about all problems, plunge into the world of charming sounds of nature. You can listen to it next to your lovey, as soon as you have a desire to indulge in memories. The radio station will immerse you in the world of dreaminess before going to bed, allow you to relax, check fatigue and anxiety somewhere at the door. Show more

Turn on the Birdsong and Meditation online radio and your room will be filled with the glorious songs of tits and the trills of a nightingale. As soon as the first sounds of the melody touch your heart strings, there is a slow immersion in the world of magic, which is crowned with tranquility. Harmony lives here, closely intertwined with blissfulness. The sounds of nature in close unity with the charming gentle music are a great background for relaxation, meditation before going to bed, at work, before performing a responsible task or on the eve of an important event. You will listen to the broadcast and get unforgettable emotions. Collapse

Station broadcast history

08:01 Alexander Focus - Birds Chirping
07:58 Sound Effects Zone - Summer Birds
07:50 Kenio Fuke - Depois Da Luz (After the Light)
07:47 Favourite Lullabies Baby Land - Singing Birds
07:44 Spa/Zen Music Garden/Spa Music Relaxation - Calm Spa Music and Birds Sounds
07:40 Smart Tails/Felix Pando - Music For My Birds
07:34 Pet Therapy Music Zone - Birds Sound
07:30 Hatha Yoga Music Zone - Morning Birds
07:27 Relaxed Piano Music - Birds
07:24 Native American Flute/Native American Meditations/Native American Music Consort - Peaceful Birds and Calming Flute Music
Birdsong and Meditation
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