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About Bossa Nova Radio

If you want to feel the sophistication and subtlety of the harmony of club music, you should tune in to the waves of “Bossa Nova” online radio definitely. This is beautiful, gentle and completely unusual music with mesmerizing vocal and graceful emotional outbursts that will make you listen to the radio on and on. It’s hard to believe that the style came from the hot Brazilian continent, where uptempo and rousing rhythms were always held in high esteem. Show more

In the early 50s of the last century, Bossa Nova became a breath of fresh air. Even the name of the trend said that it was a “new feature”. Firstly this genre was appreciated only in narrow circles – in private parties of melomanes and invitation-only events in Rio da Janeiro. But a few years later, a whole list of talented performers appeared, who struck with their masterpieces on a different scale. Compositions by João Gilberto, Bonfa and Baden Powell were played from all dance floors and radio stations, which were tuned in by thousands of loyal listeners. The geography of Bossa Nova grew and already residents of the American states wanted not just to listen to the radio, but also to represent this style in their compositions independently. The sincerity and ingenuity of the style won the hearts of music lovers all over the world.

Today the “Bossa Nova” online radio is available from anywhere in the world, that allows you to expand the knowledge in this bright style which encourages us to love and dream. Collapse

Station broadcast history

03:37 Vinícius De Moraes - Samba Em Preludio
03:34 Marcos Valle - Batuque
03:31 Sergio Mendes - Batida Diferente
03:28 Luiz Bonfa - Chora tua tristeza (Cry your blues away)
03:24 Baden Powell - Chaiana
03:22 Maria Creuza/Toquinho/Vinicius - Lamento no morro
03:19 Quincy Jones - Soul Bossa Nova (Remastered)
03:14 Stacey Kent - Waiter, Oh Waiter
03:10 Paul Desmond - Samba With Some Barbecue
03:07 Cecilia Dale - Baubles, Bangles and Beads
Bossa Nova
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