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About Cafe Del Mar Radio

Cafe Del Mar online radio will bring you back in your memories to the gentle seashore or become a good anticipation for a trip to it. Or just plunge you into the world of relaxation and tenderness and give you only positive and sunny emotions. Music, which has become a symbiosis of electronics and sounds of nature, will perfectly dilute your gray everyday life. And sounding sampled beats, chilled with passionate vocals and soft rhythms will immerse you in a state of serenity. Show more

Radio station Cafe Del Mar will feature the best DJs presenting their lingering electronic sets that can take you into their sunny and illusory world. The genre was born in the early 80s on the island of Ibiza, which has since become a symbol of the eternal celebration and triumph of nature. Its founders were non-professional musicians, among whom there were no stars. But since then, more than a decade has passed, and musical genres born in Ibiza, such as Chillout and Lounge, designed to give relaxation and rest for the soul, became the leaders of playlists in the media space. Collapse

Station broadcast history

05:57 Quintus Project/Psychemagik - Night Flight (Psychemagik Remix)
05:53 Feiertag - La Parisienne
05:48 Audio de Lux - 60 seconds (Original Mix)
05:42 The Metaluna Mutant - Blinky Blue Eyed Sunrise
05:36 Digby Jones - Under the Sea
05:32 Flo Morrissey/Matthew E. White - Everybody Loves the Sunshine
05:24 Sade - Love Is Stronger Than Pride
05:19 The Beloved - Celebrate Your Life
05:16 The Amalgamation of Soundz - Enchant Me
05:11 Ralph Myerz - The Magic Of You (Original Mix)
Cafe Del Mar
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