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About Calm Spa Radio

Listening to the Calm Spa online radio is like drinking a relaxing cocktail, which contains all the most magical sounds of nature. The music of falling dewdrops, a tempting harp with the babble of birds, dizzying notes of keys burst into the slow, sometimes melancholic background. Each track has no clear beginning and end, but this very moment gives the feeling of the infinity of being, of being outside of time and space.   Show more

The relaxing effect of the classic instrumental compositions of the Calm Spa radio station helps to get away from the hustle and bustle, reduce the emotional intensity and embrace a sound sleep. The lyrical content in each part of the instrumental volleys penetrates the soul, but does not harrow your feelings. This light background music has a healing effect and is the perfect end to a day that is so easy to create just by tune in to the radio. Collapse

Station history

12:05 Phoenix Rising - Golden Buddha
12:00 2002 - Secret Shores (from The Emerald Way)
11:58 Ann Licater - Shades of Light
11:48 Llewellyn - Gentle Breeze
11:42 David Wahler - Reverie
11:39 Nandin - Bathed in Crystal Light
11:33 Trine Opsahl - Morning Mist and the Breathing of Evening
11:29 Colors - Aurora
11:22 Peter Kater - Sunset
11:18 Michael Hoppé - Avalon
Calm Spa
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