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Kids's radio Cartoon Songs has prepared for you an incredible fairy tale journey. We'll conquer the Arabian night together with Aladdin again, rush to the aid of Jerry, who is caught in the clutches of the treacherous Tom. And maybe sing a duet with the Little Mermaid in love? Listen to the online radio station will be interesting and educational for different ages. Good tunes from modern cartoons will help to touch the favorite characters. Moreover, funny songs awaken interest in the new and unexplored. The baby will start to listen, repeat and will surely be surprised by the knowledge of new words and sounds. Show more

With a kids's radio station Cartoon Songs, it is so easy to get distracted and get a portion of positive emotions. Online radio for kids has put together a playlist with soundtracks from all the popular Disney cartoons. Boys and girls get ready to dance and sing along with your favorite characters! Collapse

Station history

08:20 Disney Movie Orchestra:The Cartoons Orchestra - Something There - Beauty And The Beast
08:15 Penelope Beaux,Kids Movies - When You Wish Upon a Star (from Pinocchio)
08:12 Liz Callaway - Journey to the Past (From Anastasia)
08:11 J. Pat OMalley - How
08:09 The Wellingtons - Scarecrow
08:08 Roger Bart - Go The Distance (Reprise)
08:05 Lea Salonga,Brad Kane - A Whole New World (from Alladin)
08:03 Samuel E. Wright - Kiss The Girl (from The Little Mermaid)
08:02 The Disney Afternoon Studio Chorus - Darkwing Duck Theme (from Darkwing Duck)
07:50 Joe York - Dear Heart
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