Chillhop Radio

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About Chillhop Radio

The Сhillhop radio station is a light, non-stressful electronic music. As soon as you turn it on, the world around you is filled with melodic sounds, listening to which you can indulge in pleasant memories or dream of traveling, resting and new meetings. This radio is popular with those who choose electronic compositions for privacy, work in a pleasant atmosphere. Each track is a separate story, colored with notes of lightness or gentle sadness. Show more

Listening to the Chill Hop online radio, you will relax your soul and forget about the city bustle. When the air is filled with electronics, it’s pleasant to do what you love at any time. This music will set you up for work in the morning, it will support your mood in the afternoon, and it will allow you to relax in the evening. Each electronic bit will be borne in mind for a long time and will remind you more than once of the unforgettable emotions received when you first listened to the compositions. You can listen to the radio on smartphones or PCs. Collapse

Station history

03:58 Board-Man - Heat Wave
03:56 S-Ilo - Elvet
03:53 Toranpetto - Distance (feat. Farnell Newton)
03:46 Emancipator - First Snow
03:43 Blazo - Moon White
03:41 Board-Man - Beach House View
03:38 Worldtraveller - Guru Jazz / Dope Wax
03:36 The Cancel - I Need You
03:33 Chris Mazuera/tender spring - Perspective
03:30 Pe2ny - Way to go home
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