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About Chillout Dreams Radio

If today was not an easy day and the only thing you want to do now is just to relax to the peaceful harmonious rhythms, then you should tune in to the broadcast of Chillout Dreams online radio. Its ether can fill your home with serenity and relaxation, mentally sending the radio station listener to distant shores, where the ocean rustles slowly and thousands of bright stars shine, and the feeling of anxiety is lost in a light breeze. Show more

Chillout is an electronic music format that is distinguished by consistency and slow tempo without hypotonic undertones. Its lightness can subtly relieve the mental stress of the working day, that is why in Russia it is often called “music of rest”.

Chillout’s birthplace is England, where in the early 90s this electronic movement appeared as if in contrast to the more assertive dubstep. Nevertheless, it was identified with Ibiza, Goa, India for that the tracks immersed everybody in a certain euphoria, charged spiritually and carried away somewhere on the shores of the Mediterranean. You just want to listen to Chillout Dreams on the radio or in a club, not dancing, not drawing analogies with your emotions, just thinking about something positive and neutral. This genre quickly gained popularity among progressive musicians working in the trance and house styles. The online radio will help you get acquainted with their creative work, as our radio is always on the same wavelength with the listener. Collapse

Station history

14:11 Paul Speer - Moonrise (Full Mix)
14:00 Sync24 - Oomph
13:53 Vanderson - Dreamstate Logic
13:49 Nok - Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi
13:43 Damon Mcu - Heart Of The Lion
13:39 Dan Hiroshi - Aroma
13:33 Aaron Static - Amen Tune
13:27 Ashterra - Worlds Inside the Worlds
13:19 Seagrave - Dawn
13:13 Nanobyte - Want For Nothing (Original Mix)
Chillout Dreams
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