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About Classical Guitar Radio

The online radio Classical Guitar contains masterpieces of classical music by great composers on the guitar. Genius compositions continue to fascinate generations after generations. Live melodies improve concentration, mindfulness and productivity. Guitar radio will be an excellent accompaniment during work, study or creative activity. Show more

Classical Guitar radio station offers to listen to the most famous pieces of classical music in guitar performance. The radio will surround you with the beauty of classical compositions and the soulful sound of the guitar, which fascinate. In live touch the eternal music Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, Rossini and other virtuosos of classical compositions. We heard them performed by the orchestra, on keyboards. But here only the guitar and its magical string busting are all 24/7. Collapse

Station history

03:31 Cristiano Porqueddu - Preludio, Op. 5 No.1
03:29 Lucio Matarazzo,Mauro Giuliani - Giulianate op.148 n.7 - la melanconia
03:24 Cristiano Porqueddu - Medallon Antiguo
03:18 Cristiano Porqueddu - Confesion
03:15 Mascarade,Ferran Sor - Sor_ Souvenir de Russie Op. 63_ Allegro_ Allegro
03:12 Izhar Elias,Gioacchino Rossini,Mauro Giuliani - VIII. Cavatina. Ah! Quel giorno (Arr. for Solo Guitar by Mauro Giuliani)
03:09 Wulfin Lieske,Mauro Giuliani - 6 Preludes for Guitar, Op. 83_ No. 4, Andantino con espressione
03:06 Luciano Còntini - Intavolatura di Liuto, et di Chitarrone, Book 1_ Toccata X
03:04 Pepe Romero,I Musici,Antonio Vivaldi - Vivaldi_ Mandolin Concerto in C, R.425 - Arr. for Guitar, Strings and Continuo by Pepe Romero (b.1944) - 3. (Allegro)
03:00 Izhar Elias,Gioacchino Rossini,Mauro Giuliani - II. Duetto. Se la vita (Arr. for Solo Guitar by Mauro Giuliani)
Classical Guitar
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