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About Cool Jazz Radio

We all owe to the eternal romantic Lester Young for the fact that the music on the “Cool Jazz” online radio station today can delight us with its broadcasting. Back in the 30s, he decided to “cool down” the usual explosive jazz tempo and add an improvised light note of slowness with echoes of a dry playing that was unusual for that time. It was the manner of emotional “coolness” and even a certain detachment that gave the musical trend the unusual name Cool Jazz. Show more

Listening to online radio Cool Jazz, you can note how close this genre of jazz is to music created by composers, in which the power of the masterpiece itself is higher than the emotional appeal of classical jazz. Cool jazz is more textured, and harmonious, and you can often find in it the sounds of the instruments of a symphony orchestra that are close to your heart. The whole story is penetrated with uninhibited rhythms, which is always told from the beginning to the very end, through the author’s improvisation and his personal experiences. Listen to the radio with “cold jazz” if your heart is aflame with feelings and love for everything that surrounds you. Collapse

Station broadcast history

06:50 Marty Paich - Look Around (Remastered 2018)
06:42 Wayne Goins - Room For Three
06:39 Lennie Tristano - Wow
06:36 John Lewis - Skylark
06:31 Ray Bryant - Golden Earrings
06:25 Lars Gullin Quintet/Irving Berlin - Always
06:13 Joe Roland - Easy Living
06:05 Stanley Turrentine/The Three Sounds - Since I Fell For You
06:00 Harry Babasin and the Jazz Pickers - Wingo
05:56 Joe Roland - Robin
Cool Jazz
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