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About Cool Jazz Radio

Welcome to Cool Jazz Radio - an exquisite jazz journey right in your online stream! Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of elegance and soulful harmony of Cool Jazz style, and indulge in the unique sounds of the genre's great masters, including Miles Davis and Gerald McClellan. Cool Jazz, born in the mid-20th century, represents one of the most refined directions in jazz. Its distinctive feature is its calm and relaxed sound, where improvisation and melodiousness blend seamlessly with the musicians' exquisite play. Show more

Listen online, on our website or through the convenient app, and immerse yourself in a world of melodic enchantment that will inspire and delight you every day. Choose quality music, choose Cool Jazz Radio! Collapse

Station history

19:08 Barney Kessel - Tenderly
19:02 Gerry Mulligan Sextet - Lollipop
18:58 Dave Brubeck - Peace, Brother
18:52 Paul Desmond - Out of Nowhere
18:42 Warne Marsh - I Never Knew
18:39 Barney Kessel - Indiana
18:34 Jimmy Raney - No Male for Me
18:31 Jack Sheldon and His All Stars - Green Dolphin Street
18:27 Joanne Grauer Trio - Mood for Mode
18:24 Lyle Murphy - Frantastic
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