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About Country Hit Radio

The Country Hit Radio is the perfect playlist for a long journey for truckers, as well as auto and motorcycle travelling. Popular soulful hits in the American folk style are played on the air, accompanied by simple instruments: guitar, violin, accordion, banjo and others. Country artists sink into heart not by the power of their voice or academic singing, but by their touching performance. Music reminds of simple things that bring joy and connect with memories of time, moments spent with loved ones, family and friends. Show more

The Country Hit radio station is able to create a soulful atmosphere during cycling, outdoor picnics or barbecue meetings with friends. Cowboy ballads with simple melodies and lyrics are the music of farmers, steppes and Texas. Listen to the online radio, get a touch of magic, western stories and a piece of American culture. Each song on the air is filled with deep meaning and tells a life story that is familiar to everyone. The radio station is perfect for relaxation and moral reset. Collapse

Station broadcast history

05:28 Lady A - You Look Good
05:24 Billy Ray Cyrus - Face Of God
05:21 Taylor Swift - Picture To Burn
05:18 Emerson Drive - That Kind of Beautiful
05:08 Cameron Cusack - Endless Summer
05:05 Jana Kramer - I Got the Boy
05:01 LaUren ALaina - Next Boyfriend
04:58 Chase Rice - Eyes On You
04:55 Keith Urban - Somewhere in My Car
04:51 Toby Keith - Rum Is The Reason
Country Hit
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