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About Pop Cover Hit Radio

The Pop Cover Hit radio station offers the best cover versions of popular hits of foreign artists live on the air. Long-familiar compositions here sound original and unusual. New arrangement, different voices, manner of performance and bright musical solutions. All this turns world hits into something fresh and interesting. The Pop Cover Hit radio will allow you to look at famous compositions from a different angle. Show more

The Pop Cover Hit radio is a real tribute station with the best selections of cover songs on the air. Here you will hear popular hits of different artists in unusual arrangements. The playlist of the radio station offers you fireworks with an original sound and catchy vocals. Turn on and listen to the radio in the garage, at home, at a party or just sunbathing on a sun lounger near the sea. Join Cover Hit wherever you are! Collapse

Station history

01:08 Hannah Arterton - Eternal Flame
01:04 Jemme - Dilemma
00:59 All Saints,Nelle Hooper - Under the Bridge
00:56 Angelika Vee - Coco Jamboo
00:52 Father White,Jenny J. - Hello (Bachata Sensual Remix)
00:48 Robin Tune,Cee-Kane,G-Sax - Englishman in New York (Radio Mix)
00:45 Johnny Cash - Personal Jesus
00:42 Judith Alegarbes - Big Big World
00:38 K2 Groove - Killing Me Softly
00:35 Karla Davis - Airplanes (The Voice Performance)
Pop Cover Hit
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