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About Current Jazz Radio

Why is it worth listening to the Current Jazz radio? Because it acquaints you with modern performers who work in the jazz style and see this music through the prism of avant-garde ideas and unusual improvisational techniques. This online radio is the best way to demonstrate how versatile and original the world of jazz compositions is today with the help of masterpieces by Alison Wedding, Anita O’day, Dianne Reeves, Eartha Kitt and others. Show more

Jazz was once created on the basis of several musical trends: African-American, Blues, European, and for a century of its existence it has fathered dozens of new genres. Current Jazz, which pleases you on the radio station, shows the breadth of jazz musicians’ desire for ambitious experiments, in which new variations of arrangements and sound synthesis are heard. Extraordinary rhythmic and audio effects appear in it, so you can hear the introduction of electronics and other technical innovations of the musical world. It is the identity and courage of musicians such as Herbie Hancock who helped the world listen to the online radio with new current jazz. Collapse

Station history

13:57 Artemis - Big Top
13:47 Harold Mabern - T-Bone Steak
13:41 Stefon Harris/Black-Out - Until
13:34 Seamus Blake/Tony tixier/Florent Nisse/Gautier Garrigue - Vaporbabe
13:27 Kenny Barron/Dave Holland Trio/Johnathan Blake - Until Then
13:21 Victor Gould - October (feat. Anne Drummond, Rodney Green, Vicente Archer, Dayna Stephens, Jeremy Pelt, Godwin Louis & Yoojin Park)
13:13 Pat Metheny - Wide and Far
13:07 Aaron Parks - Dreams of a Mechanical Man
13:01 Walt Weiskopf/Anders Mogensen/Daniel Franck/Carl Winther - Bolivia
12:49 Jason Palmer - The Concert (Vermeer) (Live)
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