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About Deep House Radio

If at these moments the only thing you want is to escape from the external world and immerse yourself in a pleasant feeling of dynamic relaxation, then you should tune in to the wave of the Deep House online radio. This style is always relaxing and even somewhat hypnotic, helping you simply immerse yourself in a bright world without unnecessary emotional distress.  Show more

Deep house has been known since the late 80s, and even then this genre of electronic music was appreciated by fans of dance tracks. But the club melody migrated to the radio stations gradually, forever winning the hearts of fans of rhythmic tracks. The contrast of light and deep atmospheric sound is fascinating, uplifting and even makes you immerse yourself in the past a little. 

After all, if you listen to the Deep House radio carefully, you can catch the inclusion of painfully familiar soul, jazz, funk and even explosive techno. It was this mix that made it possible to create electronic music that is completely opposite to the usual techno, because it includes the playing of not only machines, but also living people. Immerse yourself in the playing of slow tempos, beautiful soulful melodies, enveloping the magic of soulful soul vocals. Collapse

Station history

05:41 Mike Drozdov - Guitar (the Husky Remix)
05:37 The Distance/Igi - Moving Apart
05:30 Tech Dealer - Plastic Vibes
05:25 Deeperise/JABBAR/Sezer Uysal - Geçmiş Değişmez (Sezer Uysal Remix)
05:21 Mr.Nu - Seems To U
05:15 Stefre Roland - I Love You Tonight (Original Mix)
05:10 Tim Baresko feat. Room303 - Marilyn Monroe
05:07 Dani Corbalan - Be As I Am (Radio Edit)
05:03 David Tavare - Summer Love (Ellaev Radio Edit)
04:57 Paul Costello, Harriet Boldison - Earth Angels (Original Mix)
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