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About Deep Tech Party Radio

The Deep Tech Party radio station is an online radio station broadcasting techno music around the clock. Deep-sounding tracks can fill an entire room, car or dance floor - depending on where you listen to them. The smooth beat and soft techno line will resonate in the heart of every electro music lover. And if you are just getting to know this musical direction, then be ready to plunge into: the Deep Tech Party club radio broadcasts only the best techno tracks that cannot leave even the most skeptical listener indifferent. Show more

Listening to the Deep Tech Party broadcast means immersing yourself in the world of techno, completely abstracting yourself from day-to-day hassles. High-quality electronic music from the world's best DJs will help you relax, cheer up and take you to a completely new musical level. It is not difficult to go on a "journey" through the mixes of deep house and techno. All you need to do is to put on the radio online and "tune in" to the desired wave! Collapse

Station history

15:02 Vanessa Daou - Danger Ahead (DJ Hen Boogie Subliminal Deep Dub)
14:54 SAJITH PRAKASH - Daydreamer
14:48 Lucas Rosselli/Raynow - Feel The Music (Raynow Remix)
14:39 Krink - Incident Ray
14:31 Peter Blue/Peter Lavalle - Visions (Original Mix)
14:24 Ahmet Kermeli - Black Light (Original Mix)
14:17 Unknown - Untitled 09
14:11 John Tejada - Integrator
14:03 Olaf Stuut/Phm - Spirograph (PHM Remix)
13:56 Memorial Home/Luigi Tozzi - Pursuit (Luigi Tozzi Remix)
Deep Tech Party
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