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About Downtempo Lounge Radio

When you are listening to the broadcasting of the Downtempo Lounge online radio you are plunging into a special hypnotic atmosphere of magical rhythms with warm bass notes of electronic beats. But this radio station is not the choice for a dance party! It will give you much more pleasure from the airwaves, filled with electronics, allowing you to simply dissolve in each psychedelic fluorescent picture, which excites the relaxing brain with the beginning of a new track on the radio. Show more

The Downtempo Lounge radio station invites everyone to listen to its broadcasting, those who want to relax after a cool party at an after-party, sitting in a chill-out and having heart-to-heart talks or just thinking about something incredibly pleasant. The radio will be a real gift for people who like to spend the outgoing working day with an evening cup of coffee by the window. Wherever you are and whatever you do, the online club radio will be able to dilute the atmosphere with beautiful electronic sets with a leisurely break beat and a lingering bass groove. Collapse

Station broadcast history

20:58 Arrojas - La Jolie
20:55 Evil Needle - Sunday Morning
20:46 Puff Dragon - Spacefunk
20:42 Sola Rosa - Grand Marlo
20:38 Sven Van Hees - Islamorada Fishing Company
20:34 Island Sun - Deep River (History Mix)
20:23 Michael e - Being In Love
20:20 Peter Pearson - Lost in a Dream
20:16 The Cats - A Story Full Of Heros
20:08 Eskadet - Jade
Downtempo Lounge
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