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About Drum and Bass Radio

The Drum and Bass online radio in the sound of each track responds with frantic rhythms, deafening beats, covering bass like a wave. The unceasing speed charges the whole body, forcing you to listen to the radio broadcast and move without stopping. It seems that consciousness returns only in moments of rare subsiding of deep tangible vibrations. A few seconds pass away and a new discharge of drumming bass strikes like lightning, charging with crazy energy. This is what helps you effectively use samples during sports. Show more

The broken rhythm and fast tempo is what fans all over the world love about the Drum and Bass radio station. They become the best companions during a badass club party, when you just want to dance, soaking up bit by bit under your skin. Powerful speakers will transmit the entire frequency range and give you the opportunity to physically feel the power of the bass element. Collapse

Previously played on the air:

13:39 Animal Defection - Donkey
13:33 A.M.C - ENERGY
13:27 Calibre/Marcus Intalex/Bricktop - Smother
13:25 Alix Perez - Black Spirit
13:17 Alix Perez/Halogenix - Perfect Stranger
13:12 A Sides - Coconut Dub
13:06 A Sides - Swamp
13:00 Beepo - Learn to fly (Original Mix)
12:55 A Sides - Touch the Ground
12:49 Beepo - Rough Trade (Original Mix)
Drum and Bass
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