Dubstep Radio

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About Dubstep Radio

It is definitely worth while listening to the broadcasting of the Dubstep online radio to those who are ready to move tirelessly on the dance floor. The radio will immerse you in an unusual electronic sound, saturated with various moods that will jump in your head with a powerful beat, infecting with this entertaining playing of fusion of the sound and body. The viscous low-frequency sound of the bass, the creaking drum parts with samples and the ringing electronic voices of the radio station will penetrate the most secret parts of the soul of a music lover, ready to give all his strength to an unbridled dance that infects with its frantic energy, strength and power. Show more

The Dubstep radio station can not be confused with other styles of club music, as well as listen to its  broadcasting superficially. Each new electronic radio set merges with the mind, gaining full control over the body, so dancing or playing sports becomes even brighter and more effective. Arrange an after-party at home with your friends or pump your body in training to the full, giving preference to this online radio. Collapse

Station history

20:15 LM1/Indigo Sync - The 591 (Original Mix)
20:09 Arthur Rong - Magnio
20:04 Hypho/Xakra/Rider Shafique/Kelly Dean - Style Me Guide (Kelly Dean Remix)
20:00 Requake - Waterdrops
19:55 Kercha - Fulminating
19:48 Ganja White Night - Strawberry Cough
19:44 Cam Lasky - Falling in Tears
19:40 Noah D - That Hardcore Track
19:36 SBK - 3 Million Stones
19:30 Mentha/Murk MTD - 1992
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