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About East Meditation Radio

In live radio East Meditation sounds light Asian music with ethnic motifs. The calm, pleasant melodies of erhu and qin relax and tune in to a positive wave. All compositions are imbued with Asian aesthetics and its beauty. It will open the chakras, teach you to be restrained and humble. Enlightenment will open to you and a long-awaited balance will reign inside. Show more

Radio station East Meditation will be an ideal accompaniment during spiritual practices and relaxation. Radio will help relieve stress and nervous tension, distract from the day's worries and focus on the inner world. The mysterious sound of east instruments will plunge you into a state of mindlessness, weightlessness and infinity. Meditate deeply so that the mystery of the invisible is revealed to you.  Collapse

Station history

04:26 Shi Zhi-You - Image of Majesty - The Buddha-seated Waterlily
04:18 Zhang Wei-liang - Yesterdays and Todays
04:13 Huang jiang Qin - Im Waiting for you silly
04:06 Zhang Wei-liang - As Free as the Clouds
04:00 Zhang Wei-liang - Temple Dream
03:52 Zhang Wei-liang - Waves of Willows
03:46 Huang jiang Qin - Im Waiting for you silly
03:38 Dragon Orchestra - Garden of the Angels
03:32 Shi Zhi-You - Willows after Thunder Rain
03:27 Shi Zhi-You - Have a Cup of Tea, please.
East Meditation
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