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About Enigmatic Bar Radio

Online Radio Enigmatic Bar – live broadcast of mystical music, which is a synthesis of electronics, new age, classics with pronounced ethnic elements. Melodious, soaring compositions are filled with a mysterious exotic flavor. Hypnotic singing and sounds of ethnic instruments will immerse you in melancholy and bliss. Electronic radio will take you away from daily stress, relax your body, mind and spirit, taking you to a dimension of peace and harmony. Show more

Live radio station Enigmatic Bar you will hear electronic music with ethnic motifs, seasoned with soulful vocals. Truly magical sessions of immersion "in yourself" will be presented to you by Messiah Project, Vargo, Mythos, Karunesh, Enigma and others. Intriguing, with a mystical undertone, music is well suited for work, reflection, coding, and just for the background. Unobtrusive, not distracting, not annoying. Breathe in the magic with the Enigmatic Bar radio. Listen, relax and be inspired! Collapse

Station broadcast history

03:55 Strannik - Recent Signals
03:49 Flaer Smin - Can You Hear Me
03:43 Karunesh - Calling Wisdom
03:39 Blank & Jones - Desire (Ambient Mix)
03:35 MESSIAH project - Close My Heart
03:30 Mythos - June
03:24 Quinn - Evelynn
03:16 Man of No Ego - Central Source
03:11 Shinnobu - Akashic
03:06 Seven24, Rediit - Together
Enigmatic Bar
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