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About Funky House Radio

The Funky House online radio, whose broadcasting you will have an itch to listen to endlessly, from the first notes gives a positive atmosphere of club music. The unbridled energy of the radio station can cheer you up at any time of the day or night. Under these guitar samples on the radio, diluted with a pleasant wind instrumental with sharp beatings and bursting energetic emotional vocals, the feet themselves carry to the dance floor, forgetting about fatigue and wanting to continue the party at the noisy after party at home. Show more

Listen to the broadcasting of the Funky House radio station alone, when you just want to set a dance rhythm to your rest and dance while no one sees. Or, on the contrary, turn it on with your friends to get a positive charge from electronic sets on the radio. Club music with a light sound from the best DJs in the world of the online radio is available on any device. Collapse

Station broadcast history

21:09 Audio Jacker - Dis Go (Original Mix)
20:58 Ben Delay - Enjoy
20:52 Felix da Funk - Tarambana (Original Mix)
20:47 Block & Crown/Martina Budde - All Around the World (Original Mix)
20:41 C. Da Afro/J.B. Boogie - Move It Baby (Original Mix)
20:35 Darren Marshall - We Know Jack
20:29 Luca Debonaire - Subsonic (Club Mix)
20:24 Block & Crown/Mike Ferullo - Phunk U Up Boy
20:18 Crazibiza - Dance & Shout (Original mix)
20:13 Alex Preston - A Very Healthy Thing (Original Mix)
Funky House
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