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About Hard Techno Rave Radio

Hard Techno RaveOnline Radio Hard Techno Rave - hard and aggressive electronic music live 24/7. Here the tracks are distinguished by nail-pounding rhythms, straight heavy drums using distorted and atonal industrial sounds and samples. A high-speed pace of 150 beats per minute is able to disperse the blood in a few seconds. Together with Radio Hard Techno Rave, you will immerse yourself in the exciting atmosphere of techno festivals and big raves. Show more

Live on the radio station Hard Techno Rave, leading techno DJs are invited to their dance floors, such as: Axel Picodot, Viper XXL, Toni Alxares, Freeboy and others. Hard Techno Rave is the music of underground clubs. The angry sound of techno beats increases productivity at work, helps to cope with panics and depression. Hard techno without snot will be a good motivator during active heavy training. Join the rhythm of Hard Techno Rave with Radio Spinner! Collapse

Station history

13:44 Major Tom - Gemini
13:38 Fractal Disorder - Self-Destructive Personality
13:30 Balrog,vrov - Open The Gates
13:25 LEY MAR - Brain Wash (Original Mix)
13:19 Rodiaz - North Path
13:12 Shlømo - Dodge This
13:06 Velutz - Midnight Tribe
13:00 Hard J - Lethal Force (Original Mix)
12:56 Sutura - Arabian Nights
12:49 Don Woezik - Take Control
Hard Techno Rave
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