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About Instrumental Hit Radio

The Instrumental Hit radio is masterpieces of instrumental music from world composers live on the air. Here you can hear both lyrical, romantic compositions without words, and solo orchestral melodies. Acoustic jazz motives will make you nostalgic, and electronic synthpop and space disco melodies will return you to the progressive 70s. Show more

Listening to the Instrumental Hit online radio means to get an emotional relief. It is easy to create, work and just relax with the radio station. Each fingering of keys, strings or a gentle flow of instruments give a positive feeling, fill the soul with bright memories. Live on the air you will hear your favorite instrumental music from Didula, Vanessa Mae, Jesse Cook, Nino Rota, Francisco Garcia, Carlos Santana and other virtuosos who know how to speak without saying a word. Collapse

Station broadcast history

05:16 Jethro Tull - Bouree
05:12 Didier Marouani - Space Opera Part 3
05:08 James Last - Biscaya
05:06 Henry Mancini - The Pink Panther Theme (из фильма «Розовая пантера»)
04:59 Jean-Michel Jarre - Magnetic Fields, Pt. 4
04:56 Paul Mauriat And His Orchestra - Bridge Over Troubled Water
04:51 Neal Schon - Caruso
04:48 Fausto Papetti - Strangers In The Night
04:45 Peter Weekers & The London Starlight Orchestra - El Condor Pasa
04:42 Ricky King - Aria
Instrumental Hit
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