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About Latin House Radio

Listening to the Latin House radio station is like visiting the hot beaches of Spain and dancing barefoot on the golden sand until dawn. Electronic samples of the radio warm up the instrumental sounds of drums, keys and penetrative wind parts. The somewhat aggressive vocals do not scare, but only warm up the blood more with Brazilian rhythms, leaving no chance for a break from rhythmic dancing. Show more

Smooth salsa and perky Latin jazz are imbued with the atmosphere of modern house, combining in a light dance collaboration. Here, even the lyrics sound especially bright and sunny. Hundreds of exciting electronic tunes on the Latin House online radio will help you create a positive atmosphere at home, at a party or after-party. The energetic electronic sound will lift the spirits and make everyone move. Collapse

Station history

08:41 Ferry G - Bailar Vida (Radio Edit)
08:34 Helguera & Dominicus - Malu Noche
08:31 Dario Giuffrida - Baba Luv
08:25 Pinosa/Camarillo - Y Tu Amas (Camarillo Extended Club Mix)
08:17 Cole Jonson - Casa Fab (Alessio Caforio Remix)
08:12 CrazyBeats - Keep the Funk (Dub Mix)
08:06 Fuzzy Hair - Disco Gallo (Original Mix)
08:01 DJ Volcano - Mojito Cha
07:59 Rowen Reecks - I Wanna Sex You Up (feat. Dwight Steven; Freddy Moreira Remix)
07:32 DJ Jay - Latin House Mix
Latin House
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