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About LoFi Chill Radio

The LoFi Chill radio will help you relax, find peace of mind or relieve anxiety and stress. It will dissolve you in its bottomless ocean of endless samples, and smooth beats and soft vibrations will help create an atmosphere of relaxation and rest. Or, on the contrary, as background music the online radio will help you focus and create a relaxed atmosphere in which it is good to do business. Show more

The LoFi Chill radio is always live on the air, the muted rhythms of which, diluted with percussion, sometimes resemble an old record, on which light jazz sounds through the crackle of vinyl, plunging you into dreams and enveloping you with some melancholy. The music originated in the 80s and its distinctive feature was that the musicians were not supporters of long studio sets. The music was born partly spontaneously and listeners could get acquainted with it literally at the moment of creation, without long studio improvements. Later, this technique was adopted by many famous musicians. Collapse

Station history

00:19 Hetalia/Drunk Urameshi - pink skies and butterflies
00:17 Wizard Death - Cerulean City
00:15 Acacia West/FRAD - Sundance
00:11 Iamalex - Changed
00:08 L’Indécis - Rekindling
00:05 This Is Tomorrow - Vibes
00:02 GYVUS - Weekend
23:59 KarmawiN - Graphed
23:56 Afroham/Yasper/Louk - Circles
23:53 Flamingosis - Little Fing
LoFi Chill
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