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About LoFi Hip-Hop Radio

Listening to the LoFi Hip-Hop online radio means getting a powerful energy boost that is necessary for studying, working or creating the perfect creative atmosphere. The vintage vinyl sound of the radio broadcasting with periodic creaks of a worn-out cassette tape and the grinding of a microphone in timid vocals immerses you in the world of unusual underground music with specific elements of hip-hop and downtempo. Show more

The LoFi Hip-Hop online radio is filled with tracks where you can hear phrases from your favorite movies, that helps you set a friendly tone quickly, clear your thoughts and tune in to active work. The radio station with melodic and rhythmic tracks cheers up and inspirits you for the whole day. Collapse

Station broadcast history

07:19 Philanthrope/Kupla - Silence
07:16 Drchamploo - Northern Light
07:15 Nohidea - apple_tree
07:12 goosetaf - By the Fire
07:10 Chill Beats Music/Sitting Duck/Hoffy Beats - Home Sweet Home
07:08 Jordy Chandra - Im
07:06 Jinsang - Affection
07:04 Strehlow/TyLuv. - Bengal Cat
07:02 Soho - Cenario
07:00 Saib - Nautica
LoFi Hip-Hop
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