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About Lounge Radio

Listening to the Lounge online radio, an inevitable feeling of lightness and ease of the background is created, that does not interfere, but rather contributes to the completion of any tasks. It can be a pleasant party with light alcoholic notes or a completely working atmosphere, where radio broadcast helps you focus and direct all your energy in a right direction. Show more

The Lounge is called so for a reason, because at the dawn of its existence in the 50-60 years of the last century, it was an accompaniment – a background that sounded in public places: hotels, shops, cafes. That’s why the name, which literally translates as “living room”, so tightly stuck to the genre.

This style is multi-faceted and contains echoes of a number of traditional musical trends, but jazz influenced the formation of lounge music most of all. Its intimacy, improvisation, unhurried rhythm, lightness, giving a relaxed feeling of relaxation – they sewn every lounge composition. In the 60s, whole musical bands of B. Kempfert, G. Alpert became famous for this music. The Lounge was seen in a completely different way in the 90s. It was especially popular to listen to radio with retro recordings, but the musicians wanted to bring something of their own to the old tracks. It is thanks to Jaffa, Zimmer-G that today we can enjoy lounge online radio with elements of electronic music. Collapse

Previously played on the air:

12:20 V-Sta - Peaceful Day (Original Mix)
12:17 Suspect 44 - Our Little World
12:12 GIYO - Reach Out of the Darkness
12:06 Frank Borell - Icarus (Electric Slide Mix)
12:03 Late Night Alumni - Mistake
11:59 Living Room - Brasil Soul
11:53 Jens Buchert - Aerosol
11:49 Blank & Jones - Beach
11:46 Sunstruck - Look Around
11:41 Phontaine - Node
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