Lounge Radio

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About Lounge Radio

Radio Lounge - light electronic music on the air. The station was created for relaxation and good rest, and will also become an ideal, non-intrusive background for cafes, restaurants or hotel lobbies. Melodious electronic relaxation compositions increase concentration. This is a radio for the office, creative work or study. Show more

Slow chill-out rhythms and smooth ambient on the air Lounge radio will put you in a state of rest and relaxation. Driving in the car, sitting by the window or just walking in the park, no matter where you are... with the Lounge radio in your headphones, you seem to find yourself in another dimension. Collapse

Station history

23:44 Amelie - Loop Back (Original Mix)
23:39 Plus49 - One Man Doing Yoga
23:35 Kim/Buran - Into the Night
23:30 Clipper - Watching Us
23:26 Anthya - Sea and Moon
23:22 Frame By Frame - Out of Norway
23:16 Logophilia - Anakena (Original Mix)
23:11 351 Lake Shore Drive - Seabeam
23:05 Jens Buchert - Aurora Dub
23:01 SoulSonic - My Heart
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