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About Minimal Techno Radio

You can listen to the broadcasting of the Minimal Techno online radio endlessly, when you want a truly club atmosphere, bursting into which, you can move on the dance floor without stopping. And it does not matter if you are alone at this moment struggling with the boredom or decided to arrange a noisy after-party at home with friends to the sounds of your favorite radio station. Simple groovy beats of the club radio Minimal Techno will make you break away from your business and plunge into the embrace of amazing soundscapes that intertwine with a variety of world styles, turning into motivating electronic sets. Show more

The Minimal Techno radio station with its tracks created by the hands of famous DJs will introduce you both to the "pure" genre in early experiments, and to high-quality techno mutations. Listening to the online radio broadcasting, you imperceptibly get a portion of fresh sensations that motivate you to respond with a dance to every rustle or click in the dynamics. If you are ready to give your heart to bright basses, exciting reverberations and running rhythms, then this radio is a right choice for you! Collapse

Station history

19:23 Calm Chor - Power Fail (Rosper Remix)
19:17 Stefano Noferini - Strange Subjects (Original Mix)
19:10 Tripso - Universal
19:02 12 Tones - Love & Light
18:56 Milos Pesovic/Mariano Fonrouge - Force (Mariano Fonrouge Remix)
18:50 Koiba - Minibig
18:43 - Desire
18:36 Marco Gonzalez - TBC (Original Mix)
18:30 Max Alzamora - CBD (Original Mix)
18:23 - Desire
Minimal Techno
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