Nature Radio

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About Nature Radio

The Nature online radio pleases listeners with relaxing compositions, where the babble of birds, the sounds of the forest or the rumbling of the surf are combined with pleasant and light melodies. You can listen to the broadcast in moments of relaxation, in a romantic setting or before going to bed. Calm background music gently pours into the ears, there are no loud bass or sharp songs. There is only relaxation around the clock. Show more

The Nature radio station is suitable for all ages. If you need a relaxing session, then this radio is perfect. Deep instrumental modulations are mixed with natural sounds of nature. The compositions pour oil on troubled waters. Make yourself comfortable, you can even lie down - the soft and discreet sounds of nature will take you to a world of serenity and tranquility. Collapse

Station history

13:58 Relaxing Music Therapy - Peaceful Evening
13:53 Sounds of Nature White Noise for Mindfulness - Various Artists
13:48 Calm Sea Ambient - Therapy for Relaxation
13:40 Instant Relax - Tension Relieving Sea Water Tunes For Meditation
13:36 Nature Sound Collection/Nature Sounds Piano - Finding Harmony
13:32 Ocean Waves Specialists - Soothing Encounter
13:28 Study Focus - The Strength of the Sea
13:25 Beautiful Spa - Natural Sensations
13:21 Baby Sleep Music - Sea And Real Sounds Help Babies To Sleep
13:16 Calm Sea Ambient - Spiritual Healing
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