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About New Age Wave Radio

New Age Wave is a new age radio station that opposes popular subculture radio and speaks out against aggression, harshness, impertinence. It manifests itself in every composition. Melodic, light, and sometimes ethnic music is completely different from club sets. It is a cross between classical, folk and electronic compositions. Sounds of nature appear in some tracks. This synthesis makes the music of online radio unique, spiritual, and fulfilling. Tracks of the station help to abstract from bad thoughts and external problems. Show more

Listening to New Age Wave broadcasts is better when you are alone. The electronic music presented here (ambient style) helps you focus, concentrate your attention on a specific task, issue. The station's tracks are ideal for meditation. With their help, the atmosphere around you will become as relaxing, calm and light as possible. Also relevant is the music of New Age Wave for work or study. Melodious tracks will not distract from specific tasks, and will contribute to their more rapid implementation. Collapse

Station history

18:54 Sangit Om/Guy Sweens - Universal Parents (feat. Sangit Om)
18:52 Enigma - Piano Moods
18:48 Enigma/Mark Josher - The Die Is Cast
18:42 Age Of Echoes - In Sight Of Land
18:37 Amethystium - Hymnody
18:31 Ah*Nee*Mah - The Enchanted Valley
18:26 Enigma - Light Of Your Smile
18:23 Erotic Massage Ensemble - Distractions
18:15 Chinmaya Dunster - Right Mindfulness
18:11 CloZee - Secret Place
New Age Wave
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