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About Nightcore Beats Radio

The energetic music of Nightcore radio station will charge your brain with hundreds of kilowatts and make you forget what sleep is. Only insanely fast electronic sound with funny anime vocals. It bombs and tears your brain apart, but won't let you switch to another wave. The high speed of each track speeds up your heartbeat and opens your second breath. No matter how tired you are at work today, with this radio in your house, it's eternal Friday night. You're surrounded by only the dynamics and explosive tracks that make you want to make a party or prolong it with a crazy afta-party until dawn. Or maybe even longer! Show more

Listening to Nightcore radio on-air means experiencing the crazy speed of the sound of hardcore compositions. Like a cool sports car that hits 100 km/h in 6 seconds. Only fresh sound that will cheer you up even in the most ugly night and make you come alive in the lights of the club atmosphere. Collapse

Station broadcast history

21:41 Age Pee - When The Rain Begins To Fall (Nightcore Mix)
21:39 Live While Were Young - One Direction (Nightcore Remix)
21:36 Knightcore - What Does The Fox Say (Nightcore Remix)
21:33 Little Sis Nora,S3RL - MDMA (S3RL Remix Radio Edit)
21:31 Nightcore - Snow Falls Softly at Night
21:27 Boom,Nightcore - How Do You Do (Nightcore Edit)
21:24 Vylet Pony - ANTONYMPH (N1GHTC0R3 M1X)
21:21 Netta - TOY nightcore remix
21:18 Nightcore - Dont Stop (TheFatRat Remix)
21:16 Teru - Nightcore - Are We There
Nightcore Beats
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