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About Nu Disco Radio

The Nu Disco radio station is where the charge of positive and life-affirming energy is lurking, which you get energized with after a couple of rhythmic tracks. This genre surprisingly absorbed only the best and lightest of the House, leaving the acid and heavy elements for later. You will want to listen to the online radio broadcasting alone in the early morning, creating a good mood for the whole day, at an after-party at home or in a club with friends, where you will rush into the dance without delay under the smooth electronic beats with a groovy pulsation. It seems that this radio is generally the perfect soundtrack for the lives of people who prefer a positive wave to the boredom and dullness of the city. Show more

Listening to the broadcast of the Nu Disco online radio, you unwittingly touch the beats of club music that drove everybody crazy back in the 80s. Today they have become softer and more interesting, lost the bass backing and gained some atmospheric freshness, which can now be studied on the electronic sounds of the radio station. Catch a bright wave of emotions with the best DJs in the radio playlists. Collapse

Station history

13:57 Dimitris P - My Only U
13:49 ZANIO - Will (I-Vision Remix)
13:45 Paco Versailles - Unwind
13:42 Uppermost - Dreams
13:37 DJ Moy - Analog Disco (Original Mix)
13:30 Ben Delay/Alexandra Prince - The Boy Is Mine (Mark Lower Remix; feat. Alexandra Prince)
13:27 Viceroy/Gavin Turek - Fade Out (Original Mix)
13:20 Satin Jackets - Latin Jackets
13:15 Me & My Toothbrush - Gaucho (Original Mix)
13:11 DJ Moy - Energizer (Original Mix)
Nu Disco
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