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About Organic House Radio

The RadioSpinner project presents to listeners a new, fresh direction - Organic House radio. Combining rich electronic music on the verge of house and ambient, with a slight admixture of ethnics, this direction has recently burst into all dance establishments around the world. Mesmerizing festival melodies, a revolutionary set of samples, warm loops, cosmic sensations – and we have it all. We are here to give you the best music experience. Show more

Organic House radio station is an organic combination of electronic music with soft pears, deep basses and eclectic rhythms on the air. The exquisite sample set is filled with sonic perfection inspired by artists such as Chris Malinchak, David Scott, Fejká, Jones Meadow, Somelee and others. Our mission is to make people listen to our radio and have fun. Organic House Radio broadcast is the perfect way to refresh your mood, perfect for traveling by car or train. Collapse

Station broadcast history

01:57 Way Out West - Lullaby Horizon
01:51 Rodriguez Jr. - Polaroïd
01:45 Phil Anker - Magnetic
01:41 Joe Turner - Solace
01:34 Airdraw, White Leaf - Olaen (White Leaf Midnight Remix)
01:31 West - Ocean Flow
01:26 Jones Meadow - Emigration
01:22 Joe Hertz - Deep End
01:19 Alex Baker - Awaken
01:12 A.M.R - Fireflies
Organic House
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