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About Paris Jazz Cafe Radio

Radio Paris Jazz Cafe is the perfect combination of jazz instrumental music and the most beautiful and romantic vocals in the world. With the help of the channel, you will be transported to the cozy terrace of a French cafe - a great place to enjoy the splendor of the city with relaxing light jazz. French jazz music is music full of Love, Hope and Life. Delightful melodies will remind you of all the emotional moments that you have lived in your life. It's time to relax, reduce stress and forget about everything in the world - listen to Paris Jazz Cafe radio. Show more

Online radio station Paris Jazz Cafe is a territory of magic and romance. On the air you will find such famous jazz names as: Beegie Adair, Pearl Django, Gus Viseur, Stacey Kent and others. Enchanting jazz music from the first notes establishes a connection with the listeners. Imagine yourself in a luxurious restaurant watching a light show on the Eiffel Tower in the heart of France. Listen to Paris Jazz Cafe radio while cooking your favorite meal, relaxing or enjoying a romantic dinner with your loved one. Jazz and romance fans, this is the radio for you, so tune in! Collapse

Station broadcast history

03:07 Daniel Roure - Les Baleines Bleues
03:04 Carla Bruni - Tout le monde
03:00 Cyrille Aimée - Young at Heart
02:56 The Gypsy Jazz Caravan - Land of the Lonely
02:51 Gus Viseur - Jeannette
02:46 Danielle Pauly - Imposture
02:43 Guitar Duo - La ragazza di bube
02:39 Nikki Yanofsky - Bienvenue dans ma vie
02:37 Armand Lassagne - Le tournis
02:34 Susie Arioli - Lumière De Nuit
Paris Jazz Cafe
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