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About Piano Jazz Radio

Online radio Piano Jazz is an incredibly harmonious synthesis of jazz and academic music, that has become a unique language of jazz-baroque techniques. Today you can listen to the concert luminaries of Piano Jazz in radio broadcasts, performances of ensembles, orchestras and even in solo recitals. The most famous contemporaries are Ch. Corea, M. Tyner and W. Kane. There are many young musicians who revive the online radio broadcast with their compositions, they are E. Dzhangirov, H. Uekhara, B. Gochiashvili. Such a variety of different visions of Piano Jazz allows to listen to the radio all day long and be surprised at this deep and heartfelt music again and again. Show more

Jazz pianism, as the most powerful layer of culture, was born very sluggishly. It was not perceived as a kind of professional art and was kept in the background for a long time. But nowadays famous jazz pianists graduate from the best universities all over the world. However there are also many outstanding self-taught musicians such as R. Glasper, W. Iyer.

A peculiar feature of modern Piano Jazz can be called remakes of famous academic works, which are processed with jazz techniques and seem to get one more face. The online radio allows you to touch the phenomenon of jazz pianism and get acquainted with the milestones of its history. Collapse

Station broadcast history

20:48 Andy Laverne/Jay Anderson/Billy Drummond/Dick Oatts/Don Braden/Vincent Herring - Jamboree
20:45 Beegie Adair - Polka Dots and Moonbeams
20:40 Andrea Pozza Trio - Lush Life
20:36 Tingvall Trio - Norrland Guld
20:28 Connie Han - Mr. Dominator
20:21 Greg Reitan - Dear Prudence
20:18 Erroll Garner Trio - In A Mellow Tone
20:14 Michael Allen Harrison - Someone to Watch over Me
20:10 Matt Nelson Trio - Compliments
20:01 Gwilym Simcock - My One and Only Love (Live)
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