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About Progressive House Radio

Progressive House is an online radio for those who want to keep their body and mind in good shape with progressive house electronic music. Each track of the radio resembles an endless thread, consisting of a mix of unusual sounds. Against the background of a smooth rhythm, the melody can turn into a doomy wave and then relax. Sometimes the high notes become louder and more piercing. They tear up space, forcing you to cheer up and take a fresh look at the usual things. Show more

The Progressive House online radio is the perfect background sound for work, outdoor runs and gym workouts. All tracks of the radio station are appropriate even on the podium. They will give an exciting expressiveness to fashion shows and presentations. Collapse

Station history

14:03 Lesh, Lumidelic, Fiben - Life Frequency (Fiben Remix)
13:55 Facade, Narel, Cosmithex - Burn Your Idols (Cosmithex Remix)
13:50 Xander Perera - Ekiaam
13:43 Airwave - Summer Out (2020 Re-Invented Mix)
13:33 Juan Ibanez, Evegrem - Voices That Call Me
13:26 Eric Lune - Banksia
13:19 Platunoff, Stan Kolev - Unbreakable Soul (Stan Kolev Remix)
13:12 Nohak - Ophiuchus
13:05 Ben Tov, Lukas Bilz - Theragon (Lukas Bilz Remix)
12:59 Joshua Ollerton - Free
Progressive House
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