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About Relax & Nirvana Radio

When you listen to the Relax & Nirvana radio broadcasting, the atmosphere of calm music penetrates you from head to foot. It slowly envelops you with relaxation, gives you minutes for pleasant thoughts, pushing aside the worries of the day. This music for relaxation is dissolved in weightless notes, which have jazz and partly electronic components, endowed with deep improvisation and chamber music. Show more

Light music of the Relax & Nirvana radio is an instrumental composition that will calm you down before going to bed, give you relaxation or just let you not think about anything, gathering your inner strength for subsequent tasks. It is important to listen to music for relaxation on a long journey or while meditating and experimenting with other Eastern techniques of self-knowledge. Collapse

Station history

21:07 Jon Mark - Meditation III
20:57 Llewellyn - Reiki Starlight - Part 2
20:54 Aeoliah - Rising In Love
20:48 Mike Rowland - Breath
20:42 Bernward Koch - Fragrant Way
20:37 Steven Halpern - Relaxation Suite VI
20:32 Kavin Hoo & Todd Herzog - Spiritual Longing
20:29 Shirley Cason - Where Are You Going ?
20:16 Steven Halpern - Listen & Lose Weight, Pt. 10
20:09 Mike Rowland & Christa Michell - Protect The Children
Relax & Nirvana
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