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About Retro Gold: Greatest Hits Radio

Live on the radio station Retro Gold are golden hits of the 70's, 80's, 90's. Listening to the airwaves with dance and popular music of yesteryear means diving back into the years of a happy childhood, carefree youth and frenetic youth. There are warm memories, cozy nostalgia and only good sadness. A territory where everyone will find a piece of themselves. Show more

In the playlist of online radio Retro Gold gathered timeless hits of foreign and domestic performers. Here, again calling in the 70's Boney M, and a ticket to the 80's will write the charming lead singers of Modern Talking. Don't get tired of hitting the button with the band Ace Of Base to run through the 90s. Good soulful radio songs will unite the generations. Make someone cry or laugh. Or maybe just be silent in thoughts about what can never be returned. Collapse

Station history

00:44 La Bouche - Unexpected Lovers
00:40 Gibson Brothers - Cuba
00:37 The Shorts - Comment Ça Va
00:34 Silent Circle - Anywhere Tonight
00:30 E-Type - Calling Your Name (Radio Version)
00:26 Secret Service - How I Want You
00:22 Boney M. - No Woman No Cry
00:12 Pussycat - Rio
00:08 Radiorama - Yeti (Radio Version)
00:04 Ken Wilbard - Sing Sing a Song
Retro Gold: Greatest Hits
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