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About Smooth Jazz Radio

Smooth Jazz is a radio station that will help you relax and have rest a little without completely losing strength to continue your working day. Its leisurely techno rhythms combined with a soul-catching saxophone help you immerse yourself in a tandem of instrumental virtuosity, jazz improvisation and electronic sensitivity. Show more

Listening to the broadcast of online radio with smooth jazz today, it is hard to believe that this style could be ruined in the bud. It is worth noting that, having appeared in the 70s, it caused a rush of indignation of traditional jazzmen, who considered such music a cacophony that humiliates jazz as such. The latter not only could not focus on electronic instruments, but always had a maximum of improvisational moments. Smooth jazz, on the other hand, was distinguished by a muted tonality, active inclusion of technology and reduced improvisation in the plays. However, despite ridiculing the new trend, the listeners gradually discovered it for themselves and began to listen to the radio actively, where they played tracks by Kenny G, Wes Montgomery, etc.

Online radio will allow you to touch this very subtle and unusual jazz style to give it your own assessment – either to reject it or to love it forever. Collapse

Station history

06:24 Chieli Minucci, Bob Baldwin - Dont
06:21 Oli Silk - All We Need
06:17 Lisa Addeo - High Heels (feat. Jeff Ryan)
06:13 Norman Brown - Heading Wes
06:09 Nils - East Bay
06:05 Larry Coryell - I Am Singing
06:01 Althea René - Sunday Cruise
05:55 Jeffery smith - I Keep Trying
05:45 Shilts - Say Something
05:36 Chris Standring - Hypnotize
Smooth Jazz
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