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About Smooth Lounge Radio

The Smooth Lounge online radio is light electronic music twenty-four-hour live on the air. Calm melodic compositions do not attract attention and do not distract – they become part of the listener. Therefore, each composition manages to become an ideal background for any activity: routine work, creative activities, learning new information, programming... The Smooth Lounge radio station will be a great accompaniment, whatever you do. Show more

The Smooth Lounge radio station with soft, relaxed melodies will create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere of relaxation. This radio is perfect for cafes and restaurants. But today only you choose the place to relax. At home after a working day, in an evening traffic jam or in bed before going to bed. All you need is just to click on the play, listen and enjoy the beautiful light music on the air. Collapse

Station history

13:52 Velvet Dreamer/Tim Gelo - Time Together
13:47 Van Hettinga - Serenity
13:40 Schwarz & Funk - Fate Of Destiny
13:33 York - Bye Bye Baby (Chill Out Mix)
13:28 Lenny Mac Dowell - Solar Energy Solution
13:23 Aqualise - Coco Summer
13:18 Zero 7 - Out Of Town
13:13 Emancipator - Black Lake
13:10 Willie Blake - Classical Gas
13:04 Deeper Sublime/Natalie Aprille - Radio Chill
Smooth Lounge
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