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About Synth Pop Radio

Synth Pop Radio is dedicated to fans of electronic synthesizer pop music. Just imagine: synthesizers and electric guitars, sneakers and AllStars suits, disheveled hairstyles, all this is a perfect combination. RadioSpinner Synth Pop Radio takes all the best aspects of the 80s aesthetics and repackages them into something completely new and modern. Listen to memorable singles and enjoy the retro atmosphere. We will make your heart smile. Show more

Synth Pop radio station is a live broadcast of juicy futurism, synthesizer groove and melodic arrangements. Such stars as: Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Neuroticfish, Covenant, Rotersand and others play their iconic compositions here. Sounds will fill your head, and music will play in your body. Explore the boundaries of your feelings with Radio Synth Pop on the air. Collapse

Station broadcast history

06:35 BLUME - Ajax
06:31 Future Perfect - Fall (Diskodiktator Remix)
06:26 Future Lied to Us - Embrace a World
06:21 Stars Crusaders - Hellmouth
06:16 VNV Nation - Darkangel
06:12 Electro Spectre - Tic Toc
06:06 The Parallel Project - Memory
06:02 Alpha Point - Things I Do
05:57 Covenant - Call The Ships To Port
05:52 Xenturion Prime - Milestone
Synth Pop
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