Synthwave Radio

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About Synthwave Radio

The Synthwave online radio is a fresh breath of familiar rhythms of the past. They will swirl you with electronic beats of analog synthesizers, melodic guitar parts, thump the drum and even echo with familiar voices. For a while, it seems that the radio station will remember all your favorite sci-fi movies, video games and entertainments that we watched from the “pot-bellied” CRT TVs. Show more

Bright, simple and most importantly so familiar to every heart radio music will pour on you from the speakers at any time. The uniqueness of the genre is in its versatility, so you can listen to the radio in any “weather” on the soul. One electronic set will be a melancholic soundtrack to a leisurely evening over a cup of coffee. Another one will increase the heat with frantic rhythms that will make you want to floor the accelerator or remember the nostalgic movements of break and slam. Collapse

Station history

08:26 The Midnight/Claes Rosen - Tokyo Night Train (Claes Rosen Remix)
08:22 Hollywood Burns - Black Saucers
08:18 Spaceinvader - Escape from Reality
08:16 Blaze of Gunfire - Taking Out the Trash
08:12 Timecop1983 - New Horizons
08:08 Miami Sheriff - The Brightest Flasher
08:02 Stilz - Anomaly
07:58 Robert Parker - Running Wild
07:56 Magic Sword - Kill Them All
07:51 Wice - Star Fighter
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