Techno Radio

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About Techno Radio

If you want to listen to the Techno online radio you do not need to wait for special occasions: parties or after-parties at home. Create a club atmosphere by turning on the online radio, and fill the entire space with mechanical energetic rhythms of electronic music. They envelop you in beats, which are depressing and hard at times, but so close to your soul and body that you do not notice how you plunge into this purity of sound of the electronic sound of the radio station, pouring either the heat of an endless dance, or the cold of the night city. Show more

The Techno radio station, the broadcasting of which is filled with electronics, will make you move on the dance floor and at home, will make a company behind the wheel and will give a special atmosphere to your morning run. High-quality sets of the best DJs of the world will fill your heart and make you listen to the online radio broadcasting without stopping. Fill your life with a breath of the underground by simply turning on the radio on any device. Collapse

Station history

04:17 Polli Ji - Sad Girl
04:10 Frankyeffe - Crazy Man 2.0
04:03 Beico - Shining (Original Mix)
03:58 Layton Giordani/Bart Skils - Midnight Magic
03:52 Julian Ess/Kostha - Sr-One (Lethal Rework 2020)
03:45 CJ Bolland/Tom Wax - Whisper (Original Mix)
03:39 Goncalo M - Critters Attraction (Original Mix)
03:31 Jules Wells/Mason Rubinstein/Drunken Kong - Revolutionary Time (Drunken Kong Remix)
03:24 Jens Mueller - 18XI02
03:19 David Granha - Hydnum (Original Mix)
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