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About Vogue Dance Radio

Vogue Dance radio is the territory of extravagant dance music on the air. There are rhythmic house tracks with edgy samplings to which you can have a real Vogue Ball. Turn ordinary modeling poses and ultra-feminine catwalk gait into a whole art form. Click, click - pose, pose. Have a Catwalk, feel like the star of the ball, improvise, express feelings through dance! Show more

Listening to Vogue Dance electronic radio means getting your ticket to New York's finest vogue house. Here, hundreds of dancers perform stunning performances. On the radio station, hear hits from the main popularizers of Vogue Fem balls: Malcolm McLaren, Madonna, MikeQ, Angel X, Vhuan Allure and more. As you listen, you can be transported mentally to the famous neighborhoods of Harlem, where Vogue all began, to Las Vegas, where the style truly blossomed. Collapse

Station history

20:51 Sugur Shane - Runway
20:44 Junior Vasquez - If Madonna Call (Tribal Break)
20:43 Lazy Flow,Matyouz Tha Harajukunt - My chatte
20:39 Kevin Aviance - Cunty (Wave Edit)
20:34 Madonna - Vogue
20:30 SevenEver - Vogue Me
20:28 Sugur Shane,Drootrax - Icon
20:21 DJ Smallz 732 - Gucci Gang (Jersey Club)
20:15 Todrick Hall,RuPaul - Dem Beats
20:12 Kazaky - Pulse
Vogue Dance
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