Zen Relaxion Radio

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About Zen Relaxion Radio

Radio Zen Relaxion is a continuous stream of relaxing and harmonious tunes. If you've had a difficult day, important negotiations, a busy day, it's just worth turning on this radio station and your world will turn upside down. You'll feel far away from all these problems and bustle. Light music is beneficial for negative emotions, relaxing, calming, raising your spirits, improving memory processes. You can listen to the radio online with your loved ones or you can listen alone as a meditation. The radio is perfect for lovers of relaxation. Show more

Listening to Zen Relaxion radio online is useful for all ages, as it promotes relaxation and improves thinking processes. Thus, constant listening to Zen radio will help the body to cope with stress and sleep. Even for the younger generation there is a number of benefits, soothing and melodious music will help to concentrate attention, do homework, will help with creativity and art. Collapse

Station broadcast history

06:58 Yellow Brick Cinema - Pacific Shores
06:49 Kamal - Dreamcatcher
06:40 Anuvida/Nik Tyndall - A Dream in the Sky
06:33 Chris Conway/Llewellyn - Reiki Sea of Dreams
06:31 Mouni Mantra - Stillness
06:15 Kip Mazuy - Bird Song
06:00 Llewellyn/Chris Conway/Relaxation Ensemble - Sea of Dreams
05:56 Celtic Chillout Relaxation Academy - Celtic Calm Down
05:52 Calm Pregnancy Music Academy - Calm Your Emotions
05:40 Kamal - The Quiet Earth
Zen Relaxion
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