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About Electro Swing Radio

The Electro Swing radio station in an online format is an opportunity to touch the great jazz compositions of the beginning of the last century, which have passed through the prism of modern electronic music. This radio is full of fast-paced dynamics, which at the same time can perfectly contrast with the nostalgic slower melodies that penetrate to the depths of the soul. Show more

The Electro Swing radio station infects you with the drive of electronic music, tunes for a good evening with groovy swing motives and big band rhythms in combination with actual electro-house beats. The online radio will be the perfect background for the start of a fun party or will envelop your home after party with a melodic and rhythmic sets. Collapse

Station history

19:42 Shemian - 1927 (Original Mix)
19:39 Frank Reefer/Joey Viper - Yes, We Have No Bananas!
19:37 Reliable Source Music - Standing Room Only
19:33 Dj Mibor - Everybody Loves My Baby
19:26 DJ Dunya - Xyloswing
19:22 DJ Louie Prima/Louie Prima/Louie Prima and Wolfgang Lohr - Bei Mir Bist Du Scheen (Radio Edit)
19:17 ADSS - Swing Mood (Castaman Edit Mix)
19:12 Julien Vega/Philippe Cuillerier - Really Good
19:07 Kaleidoscope Jukebox - Dance of the Jitterbug Fairy
19:02 Electronic Swing Orchestra - Quiero Bailar Swing
Electro Swing
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